Top hookup schools

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While every school has its own hookup culture happening, some colleges have a combination that creates the perfect storm for promiscuity. University Primetime ranked the best schools for hookups, and some of what they found is surprising. They used College Prowler remember those review books your parents bought you when you were an impressionable senior in high school? They also turned to the National Center for Education Statistics to make sure the student body gender ratios were equal, giving everyone a fair shot.

If the study also looked at the schools with the most underage drinking, I think that would help their case. Everyone knows that a little liquid courage encourages the hookup culture completely. I feel sure it would have been even more accurate if they were able to count the of DFMOs that occurred nightly.

Was your school thirsty enough to make the cut? Brown University Temple University Hamilton College University of Iowa University of Pennsylvania University of Oregon Bucknell University University of Virginia Norwich University West Virginia University Vanderbilt University Dartmouth College DePaul University of Miami, FL UConn Michigan State Rice University Middlebury College Monmouth University Colorado State University Yale University Indiana University Bowdoin College Ohio State University University of Central Florida UMass Amherst New York University University of Kansas Arizona State University Penn State Syracuse University Stanford University University of California, Santa Barbara The University of Texas at Austin University of Wisconsin-Madison Ohio University-Main Campus University of Southern California Wesleyan University South Carolina Florida State University 9.

Rutgers University 8. University of Alabama 7. University of Michigan 6. Plymouth State University 5. Auburn University 4. UCLA 3. University of Arizona 2. UNC 1. East Carolina University [Lead image via]. All Rights Reserved. Follow margaretabrams. us and receive latest news from College Candy. Address. Lifestyle Relationships Health News.

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Top hookup schools

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