Sbf looking for love

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Well, that and my mother is pressuring me to get married and pop out a mini me. Up until now, there were several things that kept me from dating. My last relationship ended horribly and unexpectedly. After being together for two years, around our anniversary, my ex just disappeared. I mean—Poof! I ed, texted, called; I even resulted to snail mail to catch up with him. But he got ghost and stayed gone for eight months. That kind of confusing and heartbreaking loss, shattered my faith in relationships and my trust in men.

Relationships and even the prospect of dating was completely off the table. He ended up reaching out to me eight months after he fell off the face of the earth; explaining that none of what happened was my fault and that he was sincerely sorry for hurting me. I thought after having that conversation with him and getting some type of closure, I would feel better.

I tried to cover up the hurt with a steamy situationship with a close friend, but that did little to ease the hurt that I still felt. I was still hurt. Writing has and always will be my therapy and because of the letters I wrote through the voice of my main character, I started to heal. I seemed ok while I was riding around in my new whip, going to and from my decent job. I felt alright when I was partying with my girls, taking back shots and winding my body to the songs the DJ was spinning. But truthfully, I was miserable. I was living with my parents in Michigan at 26, heart frozen solid, ambition on standstill and just projecting the image I knew people wanted to see.

And I believed my own hype for a while. But something clicked one day. I realize that once I stopped focusing on trying to find a man or relationship that was going to make me happy, I created happiness for myself. Since high school, I have been in one serious relationship after another, most of the time with no break in-between. Here is how my past relationships went: we meet, we go on one date, we talk on the phone for about hours straight then oop! No joke. There was never a Sex in the City interlude in my life where men from all walks of life fell all over themselves trying to take me out.

There was no 90 day rule because usually the man was my boyfriend before the 90 day trial had gotten started good! Hell, I have yet to even learn the basics of dating. Do you date one person at a time? Or multiple people? As a woman, should you wait for the guy to approach you? Do you still have to wait three days after the initial meeting to hit the person up or is that just a Hollywood movie myth? Should I really be acting like a woman and thinking like man?

I am dating challenged and not afraid to admit it. I am however, terrified at the fact that I am just now about to stick my toe into the dating pool this late in the game. But nonetheless, I am ready.

For you single ladies, we are going to figure this thing out together! While this column will help me to stop avoiding the hard task of putting myself out there and really committing to giving love a chance. As your new SBF , you will journey with me through my dating life in L. In My . I Was Still Hurting. Videos Brittney Marshall April 6, Breakthewalls, ethnichaircare, black hair care, natural hair, shea moisture, sheamoisture.

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Sbf looking for love

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