Samples of online dating profiles to attract men

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This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy we may make a commission, at no additional charge to you. Please see our disclosure policy for more details. Truthbomb 1: They say that one out of six couples now start out by meeting online.

Truthbomb 2: Many women get so frustrated with online dating that they often find themselves just wanting to quit altogether! Are you one of those women in Truthbomb 2? Would you like to be counted among those for whom Truthbomb 1 rings, well, true? Online dating can be exciting, and fun, and thrilling… But it can also be frustrating, especially if you just seem to not be getting the attention of anyone — or you just seem to attract the wrong kind of guys!

This is a dilemma that countless women have found themselves in. The right profile can paint a picture of a woman that men will be drawn to and want to get to know. Are you ready to start attracting men that you will actually be attracted to? If you peruse a dating site and read through a hundred profiles, chances are that about 99 of those will be totally indistinguishable from the rest.

Having that kind of profile is exactly what you need to steer clear of if you wish to stand out and attract men who are potential partners for you. Not only is it super exciting and challenging, but I get to meet and interact with a ton of amazing people each day. Living the dream! If your goal is to attract someone who is in demand, a high profile, quality man, then you cannot afford to just blend into the crowd and get lost in the competition. It was fine. Not particularly attention-grabbing, and probably one that would just make a man zone out while reading it. What you can do to turn that around is to focus on your job to highlight your passions and your personality traits.

So in the second statement, while describing her job, Meg is able to showcase a few of her standout traits and characteristics. Those are qualities that are attractive and will draw people in. When writing a profile for online dating, each word, each statement, should have a purpose. An online dating profile example to attract men:. The first statement was cliche, boring, just very standard stuff.

The second statement, on the other hand is playful, fun-loving, and really allows for personality to jump off the ! This girl here is someone who adores her life and her work and has tons of passion and energy for the things she does. This is somebody who guys will definitely want to get to know more of.

A big no-no is for you to send out negative energy in the dating profile you post. Negativity is not an attractive trait. People are drawn to positivity and light, and those with profiles that exude that will be the ones guys will want to get to know more. Not interested. If you love a spontaneous drive or trip and can make me burst out laughing, hey, even cooler.

You bring the snacks and the puns, leave the rest to me! Sound cool? But the way it was all written just oozes negativity, and makes the woman behind the statement seem like a downer, and maybe even too demanding and high maintenance. Not exactly inviting. And high quality men, the ones you want to attract, can be turned off or scared away by the negativity of your words.

The second profile, if you look closely, still expresses basically the same desires as the first. Her personality just shines in this statement, and shows someone who is likable and seems like a joy to be around. Positive vibes draw in positive attention. Keep that in mind! Not interested at all. Again, both of these statements are basically communicating the exact same thing.

But the way each statement is written sends a different message. While in the first statement shows a woman who seems frustrated and with a lot of baggage, the second statement shows a woman who is just vining confidence and positivity and all that good stuff! How you construct your profile will help shape how they perceive you — and if they perceive you as someone they would like to connect with!

So what you should strive for is to pick the right words that will place the spotlight on your fierce and fab confidence, and leave all traces of neediness and desperation behind. I just really want to connect with a man who is funny, has a good, steady job, and is smart. Next on the list for me? In the first statement, it can be implied that she may have had awful luck in the online dating field. So this gives the impression that she may be getting quite desperate to find a man. It may not be accurate, but its the story told by the words she chose.

The second statement is much improved, and a heck of a lot more attractive. Just a few key changes transformed her from someone who is full of desperation and neediness to a woman who is happy, confident, and thriving in a fulfilling life. If you can make me laugh out loud, then you are way ahead of the line! Having a little more fun and with words instantly transforms that picture into that of a woman who is confident, cool, and someone men would find themselves attracted to.

These small nuggets will help you to create the perfect online dating profile. Up your attractiveness by striking the right balance between depth and fun playfulness. In the way you write your profile, be sure to have some light banter going on, but also show the other facets of your personality in what you choose to write. You know how it goes: Certain choice of words can have the ability to draw one guy and yet at the same time repel someone else.

Use the way you write your profile to speak to your ideal man. Be yourself, and be true to what you want, and write to someone who is a potential partner, not the general population. Ladies, give them a taste, but always leave them craving for more. Also, oversharing too much too soon can be dangerous too, especially in this day and age. Caution is sexy! In these times, casual hook-ups have become the norm. But this is very vital to remember: Make sure that as you are being clear about this, you are not making those who read your profile feel like you are holding them responsible for giving you what you are looking for.

By all means, use your feminine wiles to draw him in and attract him. Ask for what it is that you want instead of harping on and on about what it is that you definitely do not want. Men are visual creatures. This is common knowledge and universal truth. And your profile picture choice can be a make or break thing. Make sure to choose the right photo that fully captures who you are as a woman.

A good choice would be a photo that can communicate your zest for life, passion, and positivity. A little sexiness would be good too, but again, remember not to be too provocative as it might send the wrong message before he even gets to know you. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Samples of online dating profiles to attract men

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