Mexican women for Oceanside or latino

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Esther Sanchez, the mayor-elect of Oceanside, said voters trusted her after she spent her life working for the community. The mayor-elect said it is her priority to get hundreds of people in the city out of the streets. When Garcia learned many people voted for a Latina as mayor, now that there is a big difference in the votes, hope has returned for a change in Oceanside. Her plan is to create more businesses and work centers.

Promises made by the mayor-elect, a daughter of Mexicans who grew up watching her parents work all day to bring food to the table. Sanchez, in addition to being the first possible Latina mayor-elect of Oceanside, was also the only woman and Latina out of the 12 candidates who ran for the position. The latest news on the California primaries and the presidential election. Decision More on this year's election. San Diego Mayor Nov 12, Santee Nov 10, Ballot initiatives across the country had real-world consequences for millions of people.

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Mexican women for Oceanside or latino

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