Love poems about holding hands

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Submit your work, meet writers and drop the . Become a member. See also holdinghands poems holdinghands collections. Jay Apr What Is Love Made From? Gentle smiles Friendly waves Hands in hands And warm embrace That's what love is made from. Continue reading Arindam Barooah Sep Holding the Hand.

Fingers loosely interlaced, caressing the flesh cuddling the palms brimming with pristine emotions. I feel subtle touches tender, warm, responsive. Certainty intertwined commitment gently placed a promise of keeping knitted. Something runs deep through the veins affectionate racing pulses. With hands clenched and walking side by side we vow a journey of acceptance forever and for always.

July Gray Aug I wanna meet a girl A girl who will hold my hand Tell me "it's ok to love" And "don't be afraid of love" "even if you've been hurt by love before. Um I'm still alive. As you might have noticed by me posting. Koenig of Lithans May I wish you were here. I wish you were here On this rainy night. Wrapped in a warm blanket, My head on your shoulder; Sitting close and holding hands, A hot cup of coffee in the other. Cool air playing with your moist hair A beautiful fragrance Drifting all about your essence Talking of small things Just to hear your voice Drowning in each others attentions Our hearts rejoice Lovingly planted kisses Affectionate little smiles Endearing little giggles My whole world in your eyes I wish you were here.

Carmen Jane Mar To nowhere. We always smile, When we meet again. We hug so tight, In plain sight, We escaped from a cruel exile we ran from our daily chores. We always smile, As through all our pores, When we meet again. With our hands clenched Not wanting to ever let go, Then side by side We start to go, To nowhere. Usually, I always stumble On invisible rocks, But when we walk like that, Side by side, With hands clenched, To nowhere, You are the one Who stumbles now And we laugh in unison.

Pyrrha Feb Untitled 5. You held my hand today I'll spend the rest of the week Thinking of everything it could mean. Next .

Love poems about holding hands

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