Looking for my lifelong Paterson New Jersey

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Last Name. Share this . Follow Ballotpedia. Campaign YouTube. Billy Prempeh Republican Party ran for election to the U. House to represent New Jersey's 9th Congressional District. He lost in the general election on November 3, Prempeh completed Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey in Billy Prempeh was born in Paterson, New Jersey. He served in the United States Air Force from to Prempeh received an associate degree from the Community College of the Air Force in His professional experience includes working in marketing and sales.

See also: New Jersey's 9th Congressional District election, House New Jersey District 9 on November 3, Incumbents are bolded and underlined. The have been certified. House New Jersey District 9 on July 7, There were no incumbents in this race.

See also: Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection. Billy Prempeh completed Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey in The survey questions appear in bold and are followed by Prempeh's responses. He went to John F. Billy is known for his speaking ability and he frequently makes videos on social media voicing his opinions about numerous topics ranging from the economy, the threat of socialism, global events and much more.

After years of Consideration and the numerous requests from his peers Billy decided to Run for congress in the NJ 9th district. Please list below 3 key messages of your campaign. What are the main points you want voters to remember about your goals for your time in office? As a first generation American Billy is passionate about fairness in our immigration system. Billy's parent's worked hard to come into the United States the right way. In turn his parents worked hard to give 13 of his relatives the opportunity to work and live in the United States Legally.

There are many others across the world in a similar situation. No one should be able to skip the line. For that reason Billy is an advocate to allow for school choice programs that will allow parents to have more control of where their children get their education. Billy is a Pro-Life candidate and believes there is not enough being done to give women more alternatives to abortion. Billy would like to work on adoption agencies to help preserve life and give our unborn children a shot at life. Abortion should not be considered except in medical situations where there is no other option.

Human trafficking is at an all time high. As the leaders of the free world America needs to do more to crack down on this evil. Billy is in full support with President Trumps efforts to end human trafficking. Billy would like to increase state resources to victims of human trafficking and help them get back on their feet. Billy is Pro 2nd Amendment. A lot of my political views are formed from Ron Paul. I look up to Ron Paul for his firm stance on fiscal responsibility, pro-life, and his dedication to the American people in health and as a politician.

I also look up to President Donald Trump. He came in as an outsider and when the media tried their best to smear and destroy him they were no match for his policies. The people believed in him and he won. Donald Trump is the only politician I have seen in my lifetime that has made promises and kept every single one of them. What characteristics or principles are most important for an elected official? Integrity, transparency, the ability to be approachable and reasonable, fairness, and having the ability to cut through political correctness and deliver the truth as it is without sugarcoating or glossing over issues.

Being known as a man that always encouraged others to do the right thing and live a moral life. Question everything and fight for what they believe in regardless of the circumstance. What is the first historical event that happened in your lifetime that you remember? How old were you at the time? Watching the smoke from the WTC attack from my 2nd floor window.

I was 11 years old when that happened. It was at that moment that I became interested with politics. I wanted to spend the rest of my life trying to figure out how something so terrible could happen in the United States. This even uncovered a truth to me that there was something very wrong and America needed to get back on the right path or else we will lose it forever. We are currently in that phase and if we don't do something now it may be to late.

With the election of President Trump we can see that American confidence is rising. People are paying attention and we all realize we can and will do better. Behold a Pale Horse. I read this book when I was in my early teens and It woke me up and put me on the path to questioning everything and always striving for the truth in a sea of lies. Living in Paterson,NJ my whole life it upsets me to see that our community has been misled and manipulated for years by the democrat party.

It has been a lifelong mission of mine to get people to think differently and promote personal independence and not dependence on government. Do you believe that it's beneficial for representatives to have experience in government or politics? I don't think so. History has proven that just because someone is a politician that doesn't mean they are best suited for the job, nor does it mean they can get the job done. President Donald Trump has shown that as a complete outsider to politics you don't need to adhere to the traditional political stereotypes.

All that matters is having good ideas and a plan to execute them effectively. Do you believe that two years is the right term length for representatives? I am in favor of term limits. Members of the house should not be allowed to serve more than 4 consecutive terms. Our president is only allowed no more than 2 consecutive terms of four years. I believe that congressmen should not be allowed more that 8 years either. Is there a particular representative, past or present, whom you want to model yourself after? Note: Ballotpedia reserves the right to edit Candidate Connection survey responses.

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Looking for my lifelong Paterson New Jersey

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