Is turtleman married

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Ernie Brown Jr. When he was only a 17 year-old boy, he is known to have caught the turtle named The Loch Ness Turtle which was nearly 70 kg. The Turtle Man catches turtles per year, and overall he has caught more than 12, Unsurprisingly, he has also been injured 33 times. How rich is the reality television star? To begin with, Ernie grew up in Kentucky, with the family settling down in Marion County. When just five, Ernie decided that one day he would become worthy of being on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, however, at seven years of age, he managed to catch a turtle bare handed, in a pond without any equipment, only using his hands, as the boy wanted to help to nourish the family.

His uncle as well as his father were familiar with the technique, and taught it to the boy. Being 17 years old, Ernie set his personal record, catching the biggest turtle in his life which was almost 70 kg weight. In addition to catching turtles, he did various blue collar jobs, such as helping in construction sites, worked on a dairy farm, and in a lumber yard. Unfortunately, he has had several accidents working on construction sites, which among other injuries resulted in breaking his jaw and losing some of his teeth.

Concerning his career as a television personality, Ernie Brown Jr. In the show, The Turtle Man catches not only turtles but also other types of nuisance animals, like possums, foxes, spiders, snakes, skunks and racoons. He tries to protect not only himself, but also the animal, as he catches each one and takes it to a safe place. Usually, he is paid only to cover the cost of gasoline. After the show, Ernie Brown Jr. Ernie Brown, Jr. Tags Tags. Related Articles. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram. Close Log in Forget?

Is turtleman married

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