How to make a player settle down

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The person that I am in a relationship with is a player. What can I do sexually to make them feel like they only want to be with me? However, if they have been making an effort to settle down and to be faithful to you, then I can give you a few suggestions to help make it happen. The key to reforming a player is that you must figure out what it takes to make them feel special. What appears to be the biggest ego stroke for your player of choice?

Some enjoy the challenge and the chase, others enjoy the newness of it, and believe it or not, some just need to feel wanted and adored. These players need constant stimulus. Give it up too easily and too often and you will become something and someone that was way too easy to conquer. Sex and life must be full of challenges and creativity. However, do not make things too difficult, because most players are looking for balance.

No one wants to haggle and negotiate for everything. You have to let them know that you find them extremely attractive, smart, and funny. These players need their space, even when they tell you they do not. Do not make yourself too available. Even if you do not have a social calendar, make up one. Make them sweat you. Three weeks ago, they rushed to purchase a new pair of shoes that have already made their way to the very back of the closet. These players need to have newness in their lives in order to feel stimulated. Creativity is very necessary! Keep in mind that the bedroom is not the only place to have sex.

Try it on the back porch, in the car, or even in the laundry room, The Bathroom. Keep things fun and unpredictable. Do not fall into this trap with your ex-player. Stay on your toes: keep your hair done or cut, keep your gear tight, and by all means, do not gain or lose an excessive amount of weight. They might not mention that they notice the changes, but believe me they do. Remember these players like things new and fresh, not old and stale.

They hop from person to person in search of someone to make him or her feel good on the inside. These players do not appreciate their own self-worth, and they generally have no idea how much they have to offer. When dating a player, you have to proceed at a slow pace. This player needs self-esteem building exercises. This will help build their confidence and help them to understand the true power of two.

Table of Contents. Players can be faithful sometimes they just need to feel like they have a good reason to be. Rachael Ross.

How to make a player settle down

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Relationship Advice to Help a Player Settle Down