How to find a sugar daddy on craigslist

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Proper research can save you a lot of heartache, trouble, your self-esteem and even your heart. Do not, under any circumstances, look for a sugar daddy on the first site you find, and do not look on Craigslist. Craigslist is great for a lot of things. Sugar daddies are wealthy. People who use Craigslist are not. Sugar daddies are not going to waste their precious time sifting through Craigslist for someone to take under their wings, or to wait for replies from a post. I can do this, you think. But where do you start? The first is security. Craigslist provides no screening.

Websites that match sugar babies and sugar daddies will do some screening to ensure that people are who they say they are. People can easily lie on Craigslist, which gets all kinds of people using it. Again, with the lack of screening processes, you might end up contacting a man who wants to meet up with a young hot thing, take advantage of her, and run. The third reason is your privacy. Anyone can access Craigslist, and can find out who you are.

Unless you want the whole world knowing your business, stick with professional dedicated sites and leave Craigslist for the furniture hunt.

How to find a sugar daddy on craigslist

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