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The former Corrie star ed the E4 series hoping to find love and was open to dating men or women. Fans watched as she started to date Shane and even enjoyed a passionate snog with him on Wednesday's show. But tonight dating experts Anna Williamson and Paul Carrick Brunson told the year-old that they had lined up a couple of women for her to meet, marking the first time on the show that she would be on a date with someone of the same gender.

Later in the confessional, Kimberley said she was "absolutely buzzing" at the prospect of meeting two new girls, but admitted still having a strong attachment to Shane. Her first date was with stunning curly haired blonde girl Takisha, 25, and was looking for someone "who doesn't take themselves too seriously". The pair chatted for a couple of minutes before Kimberley confessed "I kissed somebody for the first time yesterday".

Kimberley's next date was with Lauren who is an influencer in London and is looking for someone who is "ambition and driven". They briefly chatted about Instagram, and then Kimberley promptly cut to the chase about her situation with Shane.

While Kimberley was "grateful" for getting the opportunity and "really fancied both" the women she sent them packing so she could focus on Shane. Shane loved the news telling the actress: "I really like that, we're in a good place. Viewers were divided about Kimberley's decisions with some saying they 'admired her morals' while others thought she was mad to turn away the good looking ladies. And a third said: "They should have made it less like a panel interviews for more romantic for Kimberley.

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Girls go dating

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