Diapered sissy story

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Add to list. Sissy Susan begins: Part 1. I am slightly relieved that it covers up the blond, curly wig on my head. The bottom of the white, sheer, five-layered petticoat sticks out, and so Mother pulls the skirt of the dress down until not one inch of the petticoat is showing. I really don't see the point though, it's obvious that I'm wearing a petticoat. No one's really going to think that the dress is naturally flaring out like this. Can I pleeeease take them off? Apparently, you hadn't taken me seriously enough. And another thing, if I ever catch you fussing with your pretty Mary Janes again, I'll tie them onto your feet with chains!!!

Just as I was about to ask Mother what she was going to do, I gasped as Mother began to squeeze the crotch area of my diaper, compressing it and squishing it and stroking it until I uttered a long moan of pleasure. Mother frowned and her face turned red. She forced me to turn around and smacked my thigh so hard that it hurt and I cried out in pain. You're being punished!!! You're lucky you're not, but let's just see if you've pooped your diaper.

After a few more squeezes, Mother stood up and pulled my petticoats and dress back down. And all baby girls need babysitters. And another thing, if you ever talk back to me again, you'll be tasting nothing but soap for a week. My tantrum was interrupted suddenly when I felt something very large and very mouth-filling being shoved into my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Mother holding an abnormally large pacifier with leather straps at the sides in my mouth. Mother buckled the straps at the back of my head and at first I didn't know why.

Then I tried to spit the pacifier out and realized that I couldn't, the straps were holding the pacifier firmly in my mouth. Now I stopped crying and Mother proceeded to take my hand and lead me over to a full length mirror. When I looked into the mirror, I gasped at what I saw. I stared long and hard into the mirror. A girl, who looked to be about one or two years old, stared long and hard back at me. The girl, who could only be described as a baby, was wearing a pink frilly dress, white tights, black Mary Jane shoes, and a frilly pink bonnet.

I couldn't see the petticoat underneath the baby girl's dress, but I knew it was there. I knew that there was no possible way that the skirt of the dress was really flaring out like that. At first, I had no idea who this girl was.

I was about to ask Mother about the mysterious infant, when I noticed a few blond curls sticking out of the bonnet and I realized That baby girl was me Like 0 1 Amazing Nice poem Thank ya Like 0. Inbox x.

Diapered sissy story

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