Birch Hills, Saskatchewan sex and massage or maybe more

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Welcome to our association and to the massage profession. There are so many benefits to being a member of MTAS. Your board of directors is continuing to work toward more opportunities, greater visibility in the community and safeguarding you as a therapist and our clients through our strides toward legislation.

I hope that each of you will flourish in your new career. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. The legislation committee continues to work towards our goal of legislation. Thank you to all members who have submitted ed petitions. We continue to welcome atures and want to let you, the member, know that the committee is staying active and pressing forward.

Thank you Jessica Green, Legislation Chairperson and Garret Woynarski, committee member, for staying on top of this for us. We would love to hear your opinions on the so please stay in touch with us through the MTAS office.

As fall approaches, we are starting to see for continuing education opportunities. Among others, the Cadaver Lab at the U of S is always incredibly informative. All the approved courses can be found on the MTAS website. We have attend this conference in the past. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to be present if and when the insurers have questions or concerns. Interestingly, this year there is a seminar specifically on Massage Fraud. We will report back after the conference. This summer Lori has also been actively researching what it would take for our members to practice outside of Canada.

We were pleasantly surprised at how easily we were accepted. Wishing you all a wonderful time of family and fun in the few weeks left of summer. Thank you so much to the board who continues to work tirelessly on our members behalf. And thank you Jayne for keeping our office running efficiently. There were 27 candidates in total, with 20 mastering the exam. The August rewrite saw two candidates, both of whom passed.

Just want to wish you all happy summer holidays!!! Well to business - not too much on the membership level. We continue to provide presentations to the physicians regarding support for referring patients to MTAS members. A reminder that all members be on time with your memberhip renewal and maintaining your professionalism.

Take care for now. Dar McCoshen - Membership. Executive Director's Report - Lori Green Hello to all of you and welcome to our twenty-six new members! As our summer ends we begin our renewal season at MTAS. In this edition you will find your membership renewal documents - please be diligent in filling out the form completely when returning it to the office. We also have a very important legislation form bright green in your printed packages for all members to respond to. We are kicking off fall with a media campaign on Rawlco Radio. We will also be working at more promotion of our membership through tradeshows and events.

Darcel Kjelshus and I are actively seeking out individuals who are interested in participating in the promotion of your individual business and the profession of massage. We are very proud to be a sponsor of the Third International Fascia Conference, to be held in Vancouver March 28 — 30th. The principal focus of the Congress is the presentation of the latest and best scientific research findings on the human fasciae in all its forms and functions. We are continuing to work towards legislation and are optimistic for future meetings with the Government.

Speaking of optimism, I had a unique experience today in having an impromptu coffee with a group of MTAS members. Over the course of the conservation we spoke of many of the activities and future plans of the MTAS board of directors, legislation pros and cons, opportunities taken and opportunities lost for the Association.

I left feeling elated at the opportunity I had been given to hear directly from members and some wonderful direction that I can share with the Board. I am hoping I left them feeling that every member can make a difference in the Association and in building your profession and that your voice is always welcome at the office. The Board has a firm commitment to transparency and communication - if you individually or as a group would like to get together to receive feedback and information or to share your opinions and ideas, the directors and myself would be pleased to do so.

Please contact me at the office with topics or requests. This includes all of our membership throughout the province - we have a large board of directors this year, and geography will not be a barrier to these meetings. Thank you to the group for your candor and your ideas! Our new electronic newsletter format presents some new opportunities for advertising.

Firstly, we have space in the footer for 3 graphic files. Each one must be submitted by e-mail to the MTAS office in. Secondly, because the electronic format uses pixels, rather than physical dimensions to describe space, we will no longer be able to offer the standard business card size, quarter , half and full ad spaces that you have been used to seeing in the past. must now be submitted in the correct size using graphic format -. for the size details and advertising rates. We recognize that not all members have access to a graphics program or a graphic deer, so we will still accept your ad in plain text format.

Additional charges will apply. for advertising rates. The fnal option is a link insertion. This option allows your link to access either a landing on your website or a specific document, and will open up as a new tab in the web browser. If you would like to send out an ad to our membership, please also consider using our e-blast ad service. There is no size restriction for these , and they go directly to each member. All you need to do is send an e-mail to Jayne at the MTAS office, including the exact text for your ad.

I can usually send these out the day they are received, and we can either invoice you via e-mail, or you can pay with a credit card on the telephone. The other option we have always had available is our website classified advertising tool. Follow the same procedure as outlined above to get your ad onto our website.

As you know, we already practice an "open door" policy of communication with our members, both in person and in writing or by telephone. You are welcome to come in to see us, write to us or phone us with any questions, concerns or comments you may have for either the office staff or Board of Directors. In an effort to solicit more member participation and dialogue, we will now be including this "Letters to the Editor" column in each electronic newsletter. Although we have always requested member submissions to the newsletter in the past, perhaps this format will encourage more of you to let us know what's on your mind.

Letters may be submitted by e-mail to mtas sasktel. My question is, can we scientifically or statistically validate the work we do in order to justify the costs of that coverage? Unfortunately, the answer to that question right now is No. So, in order to do that, we need research, statistics, legislation and support. I have also had the delight of being an educator for future and current MTs to support their work.

In addition, I have had the privilege of attending graduate school and learning to do research. Each practitioner within any field of work, whether it is general medical practice, physiotherapy, acupuncture or massage therapy should be somewhat of an authority on what is known about that work.

As a MT therapist-educator-researcher I certainly agree that more research, statistics, legislation and support is needed. Perhaps it would be most illustrative if I were to describe here the scientific or statistical validation in the context of the work I do.

The reader can decide if the work I do looks at all like the work they do. Reflecting on my practice, I have come to understand that people seek MT either because they are hurting and it is interfering with their work or play or they are feeling strung out, overwhelmed and anxious and that is interfering with their work or play.

The most common pain and dysfunction related complaint that brings people to seek my care is low back pain.

Birch Hills, Saskatchewan sex and massage or maybe more

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