Any1 wanna meetup at lake Green Bay

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Privacy Guaranteed - your is never shared with anyone, opt out any time. Now. Recent Photos. a Photo. Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner. Crew Wanted Crew Available. Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Date: Apr They are reasonably committed to offering transfer opportunities mostly not to places I am terribly interested in however I may be able to relocate to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Housing costs are quite a bit higher in Green Bay than in Kansas City, frankly most places are higher than Kansas City so I suspect I will have to pay more anywhere I go.

My current place is perfectly nice, in a decent neighborhood with no crime and set me back all of 35K. Anyone familiar with the area and have much to say about it? I would prefer to either live right by work for the short commute to work or live right by the boat for the short commute to the boat. What about Marinas in the area? Any recommendations?

I already trailer up to the Great Lakes every year to sail as it is so being on Green Bay would certainly make it easier to enjoy my vacations! What's the overall cost like? What about the boating culture? I currently keep my boat on a mooring ball down here which I have come to enjoy since I can be social when I feel like it or sit out on my ball and pretend the VHF is broken when I don't feel social.

Any mooring field opportunities? Lastly, what's the boat market like up there? If I lived near water worth sailing on I could actually get a heavier boat than my current trailer sailor. I sailed my boat exactly ONCE last season on the lake it stayed on from March till October despite spending days a week out at the boat working on it and hanging out. Date: Feb Re: Anyone from Green Bay want to answer some area questions? It will put nearly people out of work and in a city of under 22,, that is huge.

Brockville went on the chopping block just before we did. That was a drag for us as they were one of the plants we were always jockeying with for best in the North America region. Lots of good people up there and a raw deal for the workers as it is harder to absorb that many employees with transfers with the otherwise fairly small footprint we have up in Canada.

We were sad to see them go as they proved to us that productivity and alone would not save us, the writing was clearly on the wall. Date: Dec Why not move the mountain state and sail the Chesapeake Bay. It's an option I am considering as well and one that certainly is the path of least resistance career wise. Unfortunately, Tabler Station is not all that close to Chesapeake Bay so that leaves me with a decent commute to contend with. Tablers Station to the bay is around 2 hours 35 minutes for the best sailing in the world.

Blue crabs, rock fish and best gung holing anywhere. I live in Green Bay. I think the housing is inexpensive as is the cost of living. The boating is great. By the city of Green Bay the water is somewhat shallow. No mooring fields but places to anchor. You can not keep a boat in all winter. The season is May to October. Thanks for the feedback guys!

I am sort of inclined to go with Green Bay as my first choice, probably Auburn Maine as 2 then Tabler Station as a final option. A three hour drive with DC in the way sucks a lot of the fun out of going out to the boat and coming home at the end of the days off after all. Dangerfield, any reason not to look at places north of town such as Oconto?

That puts me a lot closer to the fun by the look of things and there seem to be cheaper places and lower crime statistics up there. That would certainly dovetail better with my live cheap , save much, retire happier planning. Sailing season sounds fine. I am a constant projects kind of person and I would not know what to do with myself if I didn't have the boat hauled every season and some important component or another sitting on the workbench in the shop.

I never go thru DC to get to my boat in Flag Harbor. It takes a leisure 3 hours thru beautiful scenery and a great barbeque place in Fredericksburg. Crime is not an issue in Northern Wisconsin. I like Marinette as Door County is a 2 hour sail which is for me the perfect day sail,. Good to hear! The country is the new ghetto down here. Must be cold enough to kill off all the tweakers up there. While I don't mind getting a bitin-ass dog, a double barrel shotgun and a shovel, it is certainly nicer to not have to.

Sailing in Lake Superior and Lake Michigan is wonderful. About the time the lakes close down people start rooting for the Packers. Quiet, small city, friendly, cold, and Milwaukee and Chicago are "close" for culture. US East Coast. Date: Aug For what it's worth, here's my take on why I'd look elsewhere!

First, and foremost, you will tire of hearing about the GB Packers, it is non-stop! Wisconsin will tax you to death 3. Some of the most terrible drivers I've ever experienced! Poor ro 5. Did I mention the GB Packers 6. Excessive use of salt on the road system will definitely shorten the time you may want to own a vehicle! Long winters, short summers, and if your lucky may experience a decent spring or fall! The politics in this state are terrible, at best.

Fine dining is minimal, it appears most prefer bar food There are some fine restaurants but I haven't found many that I'd go back to for a 2nd try. The GB Packers School systems appear to be an issue in many areas of the state, not sure about GB Be careful on where you choose to live, corporate farms are creating an issue with water quality and manure spills, if they are spreading manure near you, and the wind is right, you will definitely know it!

Aahh, that nice fresh scent!! Beware, during deer hunting season that and sturgeon spearing will override any GB Packer news rifle use is ok throughout the state and there are some yahoos out there! Consider what your job options will be if your company pulls the pin on GB, I don't believe you would like your options, or lack of!

You'd better be a Packer fanatic!! Now there are some good things about this state. Overall the people are friendly. As far as keeping your vessel at a marina, you may have some options but will require some driving. I wouldn't recommend Door County, because it's a zoo in the summer requiring much patience and a cool head. Hope this was helpful, now let me tell you about the Green Bay Packers.

I militantly don't care about professional sports so I am sure I can ignore Packers fans with the same ease I have ignored Chiefs fans. I have a pretty good filter for this sort of stuff, their lips move but I cannot hear what they are saying. They salt the ro down here too so I am used to that as well. I am sure they do it more yet up there but none of what the cities and counties do to the ro can hold a candle to what my company does to our parking lots so I am used to my cars dissolving No kiddos, so the schools are a non-issue.

I live in a taxem to death county so I am also used to that. Having an entire state taxing like mad is likely worse but that's our future one way or another anyhow. At least it's not California Good warning on Door County, I will look for a place on the West side of the bay! Currently living in Door County - have been sailing the waters for 55 years. A little farther north is Cedar River - the bar at the mouth can be a problem if you draw more than 3 feet. From those ports , access to nice islands and anchoring spots are good. Despite what has been mentioned, there is fine dining in DC but many folks, myself included hang out on the hook and enjoy the scenery while grilling.

Very exposed. Available transient spaces will be limited and for smaller boats. Not hard to avoid discussions about the Packers. Many folks come from Chicago or Minnesota and they have no trouble at all. Maybe we meet up out there. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. Toronto Boat Show ยป. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Rate This Thread Excellent. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are Off. Forum Rules. Connecting old readouts to New

Any1 wanna meetup at lake Green Bay

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